First Mainnet Block Award

PIADA Raspberry Pi Stake Pool

Our stake pool PIADA was born March 15, 2021. Pool rewards are split between adding to the pledge and helping us fund new Raspberry Pi/ARM based hardware to enhance pool stability and for research and development efforts as Cardano evolves. Results of these efforts will be found on our GitBook.

We appreciate all the stake that has been delegated to us, we couldn’t do this without you! Growing Cardano decentralization one Raspberry Pi at a time.

Delegate to PIADA through your Daedulus or Yoroi wallet and support our cause.


Pool ID: b8d8742c7b7b512468448429c776b3b0f824cef460db61aa1d24bc65

We are a Raspberry Pi 4B powered stake pool using power over ethernet, USB3 bootable Crucial BX500 SSD’s and a pure sinewave UPS for backup power with a solar failover. Our current stake pool configuration is only pulling around 25 watts of power average which includes the PoE switch!

Our main relays are located on the east coast of the US with a failover relay on the west coast of the US. Our east coast internet connection is FTTH with 300 up/300 down ensuring rapid block replication to remote peers. Our pool ticker can be found in’s Network Health Propagation Times section as one of the fastest pools for network propagation.

PIADA Stake Pool