Who we are

As stake pool operators we here at PIADA are dedicated to decentralization and Cardano blockchain technology!

Our team includes a blockchain visionary with experience in ambitious engineering startups and an IT professional with 20+ years of experience in Windows and Linux environments. We enjoy working with Raspberry Pi and other ARM hardware and we are excited about creating an ARM education hub where people can learn and engage.

Our goal is to provide educational tutorials to those interested in a cost-effective, energy-friendly stake pool operation on the Cardano network.


Raspberry Pis are a powerful, low cost, low energy consuming small computer board that is fun to use.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity that aims to teach younger generations the necessity of computing and digital technologies. This aligns with our mission here at PIADA.


Provide easy-to-understand educational resources that empower people not only to create their own stake pool, but to build and innovate on the Cardano blockchain.

Teach system administration skills, DevOps, and best practices for operating a Raspberry Pi stake pool.

Sustain long-term documentation and tutorials through our open-source Gitbook project that will be free and available to all.

Develop a powerful global community of low-cost, energy-efficient stake pool operations.